Why did Dry Bars Suddenly Get So Popular?

Dry Blow Out bars seemed to come from nowhere. A blow out was where it started but now it goes much beyond that. How did this happen?

What happens at a Dry Bar?

The idea is a simple one. You know that feeling when you come out of the hairdresser and you look and feel great. That’s the basic idea, but without the cut or color. Dry hair cut toronto on and pretty much anywhere else are there to give you about 45 minutes of me-time and when you leave you look fabulous.

Formulaic but personalized

The concept is based on a formula. Your hair is washed and then you can choose from  about 8 different styles or style combinations, although the stylists will often work outside the box.

There’s lots of product involved – moisturizers, heat protectants and plenty of hairspray too.

Dry hair cut toronto on

Couldn’t I just do it myself?

Obviously. But when you want that little bit of extra or you need a treat. Or you have a special occasion to go and want to have salon-hair but don’t need to get a cut or color.

It’s like having your nails done, you could do it. There are plenty of products out there. But you get a different experience when someone else does it.

Any downsides?

If you are the girl with naturally curly hair straightening it requires products and heat. If you’re doing that two or three times a week it’s not good for your hair.

Make sure that the products used on your hair are good ones. A blow dry costs somewhere in the $30 range. Rock bottom prices might mean cheaper products and a shorter shelf-life for the style. If you do this once a week, it needs to last.